Manuals & Forms

Documents for Parish use
Accounting & Finance Comm Application
Accounting & Internal Control Procedures Manual
Chart of Accounts (for Parish)
Chart of Accounts (for Child Development Centers)
Columbarium Documents
DOC IOITime Employee
DOC IOITime Supervisor
ESS Employee Overview
Internal Control Questionnaire 2018
Items to be included on Quarterly Reports
Parish Finance Council Handbook
Payment Remittance Advice for Second Collections
Payment Remittance Advice
Sample Finance Council Letter
2017 Schedule of Second Collections
2018 Schedule of Second Collections
2019 Schedule of Second Collections
Time Sheet 2016
Time Sheet 2017
Time Sheet 2018
Time Sheet 2019

Documents for Catholic School use
Affiliated School Organization Reporting
2018 Internal Control Questionnaire
Chart of Accounts
Outstanding Tuition Report
Items to be included on Quarterly Reports

Documents for Parishes & Schools
2018 Internal Control Questionnaire
Finance Council Annual Rep
Parish Auditor Checklist
Check Request Form
Request for Replacement Check Form
Work for Hire Agreement
Quickbooks Screen Examples
Stock Procedures
Special Events Packet
Special Event Application
Building Report Guide
Catholic Mutual Group Building Report
How to Create a Portable File in Quickbooks
Step-by-Step Guide to back up PDS file
Best Practices-Administration of Collections
Tamper Evident Bag Tracking Form
SCBT Fee Structure
SCBT Bank Locations
First Citizens Bank Services Overview for Parishes of The Catholic Diocese of Charleston
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